We offer heavy construction services for commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal applications. Committed to excellence, we demand quality service of ourselves, and we continually deliver completed projects to customers around the upper Midwest.

New Service

Industrial Snow Removal

We offer our clients an easy solution to heavy snow removal. Our industrial snow blowers are available to help clear and maintain large amounts of snowfall.

Other Services

  1. Oil Site Development, Oil Site Reclamation and Flow Line ExcavationOil Site Development, Oil Site Reclamation and Flow Line Excavation We hire safe and knowledgeable crews to work for our oilfield clients, who ensure high efficiency and safety in our operations.
  2. Heavy HighwayHeavy Highway Heavy highway construction includes interstate, highway, and county and private roads.
  3. Box CulvertsBox Culverts We develop and implement secure box culverts in various locations.
  4. Aggregrate ProcessingAggregrate Processing You will find that high durability and reliability meets or exceeds your requests. Our aggregate processing locations are spread throughout southwest North Dakota, bringing clients high efficiency production of material.
  5. Rip Rap, Scoria, & Gravel HaulingRip Rap, Scoria, & Gravel Hauling These services include hauling material or water to various locations to meet the needs of clients and projects. Our fleet meets and exceeds FMCSA standards to provide reliable tractor-trailer belly dumps to the source.
  6. Transport HaulingTransport Hauling We have 3 transport hauling trucks available to haul equipment to various projects simultaneously. Our safe and reliable drivers strictly adhere to the DOT FMCSA rules, and they follow all road restrictions and locate the safest, most time-efficient route for our clients and the public.
  7. Surface MiningSurface Mining Surface mining allows us to seek out clients looking for surface mining agreements. Materials are extracted and delivered to the client as specified. Our crews are MSHA certified and follow all mining regulations.
  8. Water Retention (Dams and Lagoons)Water Retention (Dams and Lagoons) This service includes landfills, lagoons, dams, and miscellaneous water projects. Water construction development phases are contracted to us for the optimal development or refinement of dirt work involving water projects and recreational construction of public interest.
  9. Railroad Sidings & SpursRailroad Sidings & Spurs We work on constructing or restructuring railroad siding and spurs for required repairs or water damage.
  10. Environmental RemediationEnvironmental Remediation We focus on reduction of radiation exposure from contaminated soil. The purpose of environmental remediation is to eliminate radiation sources, and to protect the people and the environment against potential harmful effects from exposure to ionizing radiation.
  11. Site Development (Commercial and Residential)Site Development (Commercial and Residential) We understand the big picture when it comes to site development, and we focus on quality work and timely project completion.
  12. LandfillsLandfills We contract landfills with a primary focus on quality of work. We provide trained operators and a fleet of modern company-owned equipment.
  13. Tree MulchingTree Mulching We offer tree mulching services which include a high-capacity equipment attachment to maintain and clean up matured tree rows and right-of-ways.